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About Us

David Sechovicz – I am a photography enthusiast. A thinker, dreamer, lover of all things whimsical and magical. I love photography and am passionate about art. To me art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful. Now let’s remember the world “revolves” because of people’s creativity.

My skills include

Practice-based creativity to depict a new angle and feel, attention to detail, understanding of intellectual property, seizing a perfect view to capture with a tang of unexpected reactions, quick light effects infused with compositions, and above all, capturing all those beautiful memories – that remain timeless.

The pictures I click depict the feelings of the subjects as if they are narrating their own stories. They speak to me and others about the beauty that exists in their being. I strive to be everything that you expect from a photographer, and even beyond.

– David Sechovicz

Our Services

The aim is to create frame-worthy photographs and stunning video footage of your special days with my expert videography and photography solutions.

Wedding Photography

Get in touch with me to schedule your wedding photography and capture your unforgettable, beautiful moments.

Birth Photography

With extensive knowledge and experience in this field, it allows me to make your celebration unforgettable by using modern gear and cameras following industry standards.

Filming Photography

Whether it's for a short tale or a feature film, my broad industry knowledge may help you in a variety of ways.

Food Photography

Get sizzling food photography done to imprint your food business in the minds of your customers.